Let's get to it...

We always hear about the star players in the transfer portal who it's worked out for, but what about the guys that the portal has failed? -Dalton Maw (STG)

I'm very concerned about Jacob Conover. This was a 4-star, pro style quarterback out of Arizona who never got a real shot with BYU, he threw 11 passes his entire time there. But what's crazy is, he would have started the New Mexico Bowl and would have been in a good position to be the starter next year. Instead he goes the Arizona State who at the time already had a starter in Emory Jones. Now it looks like Jones is moving on and going to Cincinnati, but there's still a problem for Conover...Drew Pyne is also transferring to ASU.

Pyne had an impressive year last season with Notre Dame. He beat UNC, Syracuse, Clemson, and BYU just to name a few. I think it's going to be a tough position to win for Conover.

I understand he wants to get back to where he's from and maybe feels BYU never really believed in him, but I think he gave up a shot at being a starter to go be a backup for another couple years.

I think BYU is in an exciting position right now regardless when it comes to the quarterback position. It's a pain, I'm sure, for Sitake and Roderick to have to wait officially for Jaren Hall to announce that he is going to the draft.

We know he just announced he is going to play in the senior bowl which essentially is an announcement that he is declaring for the draft. Mel Kiper has him as the #6 quarterback in the 2023 draft.

Kedon Slovis (via Pitt) is the kid getting the most pub right now. He's been in Provo. There seems to be mutual interest and depending on who you listen to it's a matter of when not if...we'll see.


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