Gridiron University hosted its annual Coaches Awards Gala today to honor the State Championship winning coaches in Utah High School Football.

The award is named after the most winning coaches in state history at each level: Joe Dupaix (Skyline HS. All-time leader in high school wins), Greg Crowshaw (Dixie College. All-time leader in Junior College wins), and LaVell Edwards (BYU. All-time leader in College wins).

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6A - Coach John Lehman, Skyridge High School

The award for Skyridge was accepted by Coach Robert Stephens, Assistant Coach to Lehman

"I will tell you this, Coach Lehman, who started the program at Skyridge high school, has built one heck of a program from day one. I've been with him since day one as the O-Line coach."

"It was great to have that State Championship game finally happen. We've played in two others and lost both. But to have that win on his last game that he was coaching was very special."


5A - Coach Ed Larson, Lehi High School

"Can't do it without the players. We lost 46 seniors after last year... We have a great community at Lehi. Administration is fantastic, student body is terrific, the parents, for the most part, (laughter in audience) are pretty good. I'm just kidding..."

"My first year at Lehi we went 0-10. We're really excited about this and a tremendous opportunity to be a part of this program. I have the best group of assistant staff in the state."


4A - Coach Rick Berry, Desert Hills High School

"I was asked on a radio show 'what meant more winning a state title as a player (at Skyline) or as a coach?' And hands down it was as a coach because I know what it takes for all of us to be in this room today. The amount of time and effort, but probably more so important to me is the memories these kids are going to have for a lifetime."

"One of the things I was proud about is our kids really understood what it meant to play for each other. I think we got away from that after our quarterback got hurt and it took us a few weeks to get to that point where we played for each other. I've got a great staff and have been very fortunate."

3A - Coach Jared Barlow, Morgan High School

"It's not an easy thing to accomplish what our team were able to do this year. I think about all of your teams and the effort and obstacles that you've overcome...A lot of things that I'm able to pick up, it's an honor to be a part of such a great state in the game of football."



"It was a special season. Great group of young men. The growth that this team made from the time they were Freshmen to this year was very satisfying to see."

2A - Coach Barkley Christensen, San Juan High School

"This season was a little bit different because we graduated 20 seniors from the year before. So in a small school we returned one starter on both sides of the ball and it was the same kid. And he ended up breaking his collarbone in preseason.

"I love coaching in the small town of Blanding. When we played Layton Christian the offensive coordinator said tome 'no wonder you guys are good, there's nothing to do here.'"

"I'm very fortunate and just want to say congratulations to everybody that made it here."

1A - Coach Ray Stowers, Layton Christian Academy

"It's been a privilege to work with these kids at LCA. You talk about a program that's been struggling for years and it's been truly a blessing for myself and my family and my coaching staff to work with these kids and open up opportunities."

"It's not easy, but to me it's our calling. It's special. I love what we are doing and it was a fun season and I look forward to the future at LCA."


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