Wednesday, it was announced that Tina Turner passed away at the age of 83 after a "long illness." I, for one, am a MASSIVE Tina Turner fan. My mom is a giant fan as well, that's where I got my love for Tina.

Here's an INCREDIBLY COOL story about Tina Turner in Salt Lake City in 1997.

It was May 29, 1997. The Utah Jazz were playing Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals against the Houston Rockets, in Houston, Texas. Meanwhile, inside the Delta Center, where the Jazz played their home games, was a Tina Turner concert! My parents were in attendance for that concert. This day, the MOST ICONIC moment in Jazz history happened... but not quite yet.

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To bring you back, the Jazz were down in the 4th quarter and it looked like the Rockets were going to win and force a Game 7 back in Salt Lake City. But the Jazz started making a furious comeback, led by Jazz-great John Stockton. During this crazy comeback, people were walking out of the concert at the Delta Center, and watching the Jazz game in the hallways. Cheering was happening outside of the concert, and more and more people were leaving to catch the end of this game. If the Jazz win, they're going to the NBA Finals for the first time in history.

And then it happened. "Uh-Oh... Stockton... Open... Three!" Stockton hits a three pointer at the buzzer! "JOHN STOCKTON SENDS THE UTAH JAZZ TO THE NBA FINALS!" 

The crowd at the Tina Turner concert ERUPTS! The Jazz are going to the Finals to take on Michael Jordan and the Bulls! Fans are REELING! Finally, fans start going back to their seats inside the arena during Tina's show. Tina was confused on what happened and finally takes to the microphone to tell fans she heard the news "I hear the Jazz are going to their FIRST EVER NBA FINALS!... This one is for them!"

She starts... "SIMPLY THE BEST", in my mind, her best and most iconic song!

Youre The Best GIF by Rhino Records

The fans at the show explode with cheers.

Later that night, the concert is over and the Jazz fly into town and an impromptu parade is taking place downtown in Salt Lake City through the wee-hours of the morning.

I'll forever link Tina Turner to the BIGGEST MOMENT in Utah Jazz history! I'll forever love her music, too.

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