About one-third of Americans believe New York City is the rudest place in our fair country.

"What?! You got a problem with that?! You talkin' to me?!" I can hear NYC saying in a brash tone.

Business Insider polled more than 2,000 Americans and asked them to choose the five rudest cities in America, limiting the choices to the top 50 largest USA metropolitans.

To absolutely no one's surprise, New York ranked No. 1. In fact, the Big Apple was chosen on 34.3 percent of the ballots -- yep, more than a third of those responding thought New York City was rude.

With more than 9 million residents, many of whom are crowded into towering apartment buildings, New York City won (?) the top prize.

One New Yorker on Quora.com said, "People from outside of NY are usually very pleasant. They know how to balance work and life better. They are never in a hurry to get somewhere and like to stop and chat. Most New Yorkers don’t have time for this and are very mistrusting of strangers trying to talk to them. They are used to people trying to scam them, sell something or random crazy people looking for drugs or money. Out of towners will try to be nice and say, “Good morning,” and in true rude/NY fashion, the person will walk right on by, coffee in their hand with their headphones on, pretending that poor pleasant person doesn’t exist."

Coming in a distant second was Los Angeles with 19.7 percent of respondents calling the City of Angles rude, Washington, D.C., was third (18.9 percent), Chicago fourth (18.6 percent) and Boston fifth (14.9 percent).

But what about our beacon of light in the mountains, Salt Lake City?

According to Business Insider, Salt Lake came in as No. 47 of the 50 largest cities in America for rudeness (only 1.6 percent).

In fact, the only rude reference BI could make about Salt Lake City was the use of cell phones during a Hamilton play. The play happened to be going on at the same time as a Utah Jazz playoff game a few years ago, which signifies a sign of loyalty to me, not a sign of rudeness.

To check out Business Insider's whole list, click here.

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