Welcome to another edition of Townsquare Media Weekly News Roundup! 

Everything you missed this week in one place. 


Elder Holland Goes Home

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has officially made it home from the hospital after having “various health complications.” Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can hopefully look forward to seeing Elder Holland at more church-related functions now that he’s out of the hospital.  



The City of St. George Looks for Local Input 

On St. George Blvd is an empty lot with a lot of potential near Ancestor Square; so, the city is looking for input from those with architectural design experience, and land development experience. Here is everything you need to know. 


Say Goodbye to Self-serve Vending Machines at McDonalds 

D.J. Tischner went to McDonalds in St. George this week after the company dropped the news that self-serve soda would be phased out. The goal is to make the drive-thru, ordering in-store and on the app the same experience.  


Battle of the Best: Pizza Edition 

Townsquare Media introduces the Battle of the Best, chosen by the people by popular vote. This round is for PIZZA! So, head to this link and choose your favorite local pizza place to help it win. 


Move Over Park City, this is Utah’s Best Small Town 

Park City has long been touted as UT’s most charming small town thanks to Robert Redford but, he doesn’t even GO THERE ANYMORE! So, Duck Creek takes the place of most charming small town in the state. Click the link to find out why YOU should visit. 


Allergy Hack for Stuffy Utahns 

It’s Fall meaning it’s the beginning of stuffy/runny noses and red eyes...oh, and headaches! The absolute worst! So, try this hack to see if it helps at all.  


Make Your Home a Fall Dream 

If you’re more than ready to jump into Fall, why not make your home Fall scented? It's super easy and has all-natural ingredients and can last for hours.  


SLC FanX Guests 

Nerdy individuals, cosplay lovers, and movie fanatics will unite at Salt Lake City’s FanX next week. Celebrities and voice actors will be around to meet and greet and take photos with fans. Here is who will be there. 


Cuffing Season Hacks 

Colder weather marks the time of Cuffing Season which is a time for couples to get together for the holidays. Here is a guide to proper date etiquette for anyone looking to get “cuffed”.