I was sad to hear the news that Coach Haun is fighting for his life. He is having surgery on a brain tumor and isn't given much longer to live. Coach Haun has influenced thousands of players throughout his illustrious career and there's a way that you can help him and his family.

Here's the GoFundMe information and details about the situation:


Here is the write up:

"The doctor gave him three options: 1) have brain surgery to remove as much of his aggressive brain tumor as possible followed by radiation and chemo to give him the prospect of several months, 2) do nothing, arrange hospice care and prepare to say good-bye, or 3) forego the brain surgery and only receive radiation and chemo for a tumor that will continue a cruel march across the field that is his mind. Option 1 it is --- a true competitor goes down swinging.
At a time when most of us --- the least and even the best of us --- would focus on our own needs, the woe-is-me needs when faced with the word terminal. He is not most of us and he is not the least of us. Many of you reading these words know him well. He likely knows you better. He knows your stats, your hometowns and your families. You were the focus of his high expectations of your potential, you were the recipient of the ‘perfect practice makes perfect’ mantra, the witness to trashcans that would never be the same after any given half time, the beneficiary of his deep investment, deeper worry and steadfast loyalty. By his side through 4 decades of two-a-days, scrimmages, games, seasons, breaking down film, recruiting and rankings, was his most steadfast supporter. His wife of 55 years, Beverly remains by his side and first and foremost in his mind.
The worry Coach has expressed is not about his health or his future, but hers. He is worried that his health will ruin their careful planning for her future, that the expense of battling this tumor will break them, break her. What is the right amount to ask? We don’t know. What we do know is we’re in the tunnel before the big game against our biggest rival.
If you can suit up with us, thank you. If you can spread the word to others who Coach has impacted, thank you. Let’s be Vikings of the day.
Haun on three…

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