Hockey has never been as hot as it is now in the beehive state.

Select members of the team touched down in Salt Lake City today, greeted by large crowds of youth hockey players.

As the team gears up to be introduced today at the Delta Center, many fans were quick to point out the clean, yet simplistic hoodies worn by players simply displaying the NHL logo and “UTAH” in big bold letters.

Established in 2024, also on the hoodies, is a solid reminder of just how new this team Is and how quickly things transpired in the move over from Arizona.

Remember, the Coyotes were a legitimate NHL team, winning real life NHL games as of a week ago.

Based on the timeline alone, the team not having an identity in way of color scheme or mascot yet makes complete sense.

However, with less than five months before this new Utah team takes the ice, there is no doubt owner, Ryan Smith, and company are working overtime to establish a look.

Of course, we have no way of proving this, but recent interviews with Smith have revealed small hints to potential color pallets and mascot names.

Smith seems adamant on making sure this new team is “for Utah, by Utah.”

Part of that is setting up an 8-name bracket for fans to work through, elimination style, to settle the team’s name once and for all.

The 8 names have yet to be revealed officially, but that’s hasn’t stopped the sleuths of the internet, namely Ryan Miller of, to digging into all they can find.

Multiple names had already been submitted for trademark for what very well could be a potential name for the bracket, and eventually the team.

The applications have seemed to grow by the day based on what’s trending or what’s popular amongst those discussing team names:

And just today, two new names joined those ranks as potential fits.

Unlike Yeti, or Outlaws, I can’t say I’ve seen the fanbase discuss either Mammoth or Ice in the slightest.

Regardless, Mammoth has already gained support and popularity, whereas “Ice” just kind of exists.

The bracket seemingly capped at 8 names, matches up precisely with how many trademark applications have been sent in.

I wouldn’t be too surprised to see another name or two added as the Smith Entertainment Group searches for a perfect 8 names to unleash to their fans.

“Ice”, for example likely won’t stick or you wouldn’t think so, whereas something new and trendy over social media the next few days such as “Raptors” or “Elk” could rear its head in the upcoming days.

Id be shocked to see these end up as the only 8 names, as things are still very much in the testing phases, but if it is between the 8 names we have seen so far, what’s your preference?


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