Last night was the best day of 30 players basketball careers.

The NBA first round went by in a hurry and as the dust settles prior to round 2 today at 2:00, its a perfect time to do some reflecting for fans.

This draft was a complete mystery, meaning that as picks were announced you were genuinely reacting in real time to the selection.

For Jazz fans, many were certain Colorado’s Cody Williams would be off the board by the time they submitted their 10th pick.

He wasn't, and follows in Alec Burks footsteps as a Colorado player wearing #10 headed to Salt Lake City.

Many Jazz fans were shocked to see Utah take a swing on Isaiah Collier come pick #29, but eagerly anticipate his potential as the nations top recruit only years ago.

Fans have debated amongst themselves about how Williams potential could exceed that of a standard 3 & D wing, or how Collier’s explosiveness and downhill force will slot in excellently next to Keyonte George.

Williams defensive versatility, Collier’s court vision, tweet by tweet fans have broken down how these guys will fit perfectly into Utah’s system.

The Jazz on the surface, appear to have nailed this draft by standing pat, at least according to us fans.

Here’s the thing.

As fans, its so incredibly easy to talk ourselves into something that our favorite organization does.

Awful rebrand? Eh.. it'll be fine with a few tweaks, some of the merchandise looks OK I guess.

Terrible trade? Eh, there must be something else upcoming that’s even bigger to tie it altogether.

Disappointing loss? Eh, it might be good to lose that one to amp up the teams energy.

As fans we can talk ourselves into anything, like the Jazz winning a championship someday.

Our opinion doesn’t matter, because more often than not fans will give their favorite team the benefit of the doubt.

Where we really get that warm feeling of validation is not from ourselves or other fans but from neutral basketball sources.

People who nave no strong feeling towards the Jazz, who end up praising the Jazz… That’s the stuff.

That will give you the warm fuzzies.

So here’s a solid compilation of people not associated with Utah, gushing about the Jazz selections:




Only time can tell what these players will actually become, but as these tweets show, you may not be the only one in favor of what Utah is trying to piece together.

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