It's humbling when you get to a certain age and realize just how dumb you are. It's amazing how someone can go through their tawdry meaningless life thinking that they're the "smart one" among their idiot friends and dim-witted acquaintances only to learn the harsh reality that you didn't know the real origin of the Paramount logo.

Today was that day for me.

The Paramount logo is based off of Ben Lomond Peak in North Ogden Utah (!).

Per the Deseret News: (full article)

"The famous Paramount Pictures logo — was inspired by Weber County's Ben Lomond Peak.

As such, Ben Lomond — not even the highest summit in Weber County — may be the most famous mountain in the Beehive State.

The peak is given credit for prompting creation of the majestic but fictional mountain in the popular Paramount design, based on two histories of the motion-picture company.

According to Leslie Halliwell's "Mountain of Dreams," a biography of Paramount, founder William Hodkinson grew up in Ogden and the logo was "a memory of childhood in his home state of Utah."

This is like finding out that the Disney castle is based on the Tabernacle.

I've seen that logo a thousand times and I've seen Ben Lomond a thousand times and I never would have thought that they were the same.



When you see it from this angle it makes morse sense.

So we hear way too much about Timpanogos or Kings Peak or Mount Olympus or Lone Peak. Turns out all of those peaks are overrated and Ben Lomond is the mountain the whole world knows without knowing it.

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