If you spend some of your day on X.com and are a big college football fan, there’s a high likelihood you follow multiple accounts who do nothing but talk about, you guessed it, college football.

One of these accounts may very well be “CFB Home”, with over 101,000 followers, CFB Home produces daily interactive content on college athletics such as polls, stats, and guess the player segments.

A recent post yesterday stated that CFB Home was “making the ugliest uniform combo”.

To be made up of three individual parts, the helmet, jersey and pants, CFB home laid out their opinion on selections.

First selected was a confederate flag helmet donned by the Florida Gators in a big time upset over Penn State in the 1962 Gator Bowl.

The pants were a little number worn by Notre Dame in 2018.

The Fighting Irish took on Syracuse for their “Shamrock Series” at Yankee Stadium in a dominant 36-3 win

Despite on field product looking stellar, Notre Dame dons a special uniform every shamrock series, and this one, inspired by the New York Yankees pinstripes, was a miss.

A football/baseball uniform mashup was bad enough to make the list for CFB Home.

That of course leaves the jersey.

The selection, hit near and dear to the hearts of many in the beehive state, in particular, Salt Lake City.

The Utah Utes 2010 “Wounded Warrior Project” camouflage uniforms took the spot in the eyes of this X user.

In all fairness, you could put Texas, Ohio State or Michigan’s duds with that helmet and those pants and land a loser of a uniform, but does Utah’s 2010 Under Armour getup deserve the hate?

The uniforms in concept were designed to be Unique setups that intended to recognize and appreciate sacrifices made by those who have and still serve in the armed forces.

The nameplates of the uniforms were filled in with words like “Courage, Honor, Integrity, Service” and so on.

The game itself in which the uniforms were worn in may be a bigger “ick” than the actual uniforms.

Utah broke out these bad boys in a blackout home game against TCU.

This contest was no ordinary home game as the pregame hype and anticipation was sky high.

The, then, Mountain West teams prepared for a big-time duel with conference title implications and BCS stakes on the line.

Both teams had undefeated records, a top ten spot in the AP poll, and a lot of eyeballs on the uniforms and the game.

Utah would crack under the pressure by turning the ball over 4 times and allowing Andy Dalton to go for 355 yards and 3 touchdowns in a 47-7 beatdown.

Utah’s one score came in the 4th quarter in which was already a 40-0 ballgame.

You can say the uniforms were forgettable but the game itself does them no favors in terms of fond remembrance.

Do you think Utah’s 2010 alternates were bad enough to warrant worst jersey ever?

I don’t buy it myself, but like CFB Home, everyone has their opinion.

Between these and the BYU "bibs", football fans in Utah have much to discuss on the topic at hand.



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