BYU has cancelled the Cougarettes dance performance that was planned for halftime of the SUU game today. They cancelled it because of complaints about the music choice.

According to (full article here)

"A day before the game, former BYU fullback Houston Heimuli posted that the Cougarettes can’t perform in Week 2 of the college football season due to the music being used by the group. Heimuli is related to a member of the Cougarettes."

The song was an edited version of "Plain Jane" by somebody called A$AP Ferg. If you look up the lyrics like I unfortunately did you will see that it's incredibly raunchy and horrifying. I guess the dance team's defense would be that they edited it into a radio friendly version. And I also understand that 90% of dance routines like this use songs that they have to edit. And that the purpose of the song is for the beat of it and not the words. I think that's a reasonable defense, but I also think the dance team should realize they're dancing at BYU.

BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe took the blame for the situation.

"I’ll take the blame on this one. Poor communication on my part for this week’s game entertainment. Cougarettes are amazing student athletes and you’ll see ‘em performing again soon - better than ever," Holmoe tweeted.

There are some BYU fans who are wholeheartedly defending the Cougarettes in the face of the "voice of the minority."

These shirts have never been more appropriate going into this week if you're looking to show support.

What do you think?

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