Listen above to our breakdown of Ridgeline's Sophomore quarterback, Nate Dahle. The Riverhawks take on the Crimson Cliffs Mustangs on Friday in the 4A State Semifinal.

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JBT: I mean they've got a 2700 yard passer. They've got a a few rushers that are over 600 yards, a few receivers that are close to a thousand. So, a lot of people you've got to worry about with this offense.

(Here's some of Dahle's film)

When I was watching Dahle's film this week I remembered him from last year and so I looked it up and sure enough, he was the guy that was there last year. And you can see that on tape that, you know, he's more familiar, more confident, more capable, just being one more year in the system. This often, this play caller up there for Ridgeline is the same guy who was there a couple of years ago in 2021 where they were just dynamite putting up 45 points a game and and won a championship.

(More film)

It's hard to not watch this little left hander throw and not think about Dillon Gabriel at Oklahoma. You know, I think even his motion reminds me of him a little bit. He's a capable runner, but I'm not. I don't think he's looking to run first. I think he wants to be a thrower, and I think he wants to be in the pocket.

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