Few sports tie together the product itself and the sponsorship better than NASCAR.

The marriage between a driver/team and a sponsor is some of the most blatant and effective product exposure one could ask for.

In NASCAR, sponsors aren't just a byproduct of the action, they are a part of the action.

You cant support your favorite driver without supporting their sponsor.

Every piece of Denny Hamlin merchandise will have FedEx plastered on it.

Jimmie Johnson was Lowe’s.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was Budweiser.

Kyle Busch was M & M’s.

The driver and the sponsor were a combo deal.

The series themselves couldn’t be properly discussed without naming the title sponsor.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup. The NASCAR Xfinity Series. The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

Every so often, the name changes, but the idea generally remains the same (except for you NASCAR Cup Series). Sponsorship isn't just a part of the telecast, its part of the identity.

You may be asking what does this have to do with the Big 12, Utah and BYU football.

Well, I'm glad you asked, because as of today the Big 12 is in heavy talks to to create their own NASCAR styled name per Pete Thamel.

Sports, sponsorship and money. Name a better trio.

The Big 12 is looking into giving up its brand as the “Big 12” and simply just calling the conference whatever company shells up the most cash.

Just like the NASCAR Camping World Series, you could now have the Pizza Hut Big 12 or the Big Flying J Truck Stops 12 conference.


According to Brett McMurphy, the company is already in talks with a specific brand who is all about being better protected from mayhem:

“Big Allstate Conference.”

“Allstate 12 Conference.”

I can picture it now.

“Welcome to today’s Big Allstate Conference game between the Utah Utes and the BYU Cougars.”

If the deal ends up in that $30-50 million range that McMurphy discusses it likely wont be long until every conference has a sweet new name with a little bit of extra cash flow.

How excited are you for the possibility of a Wal-Mart South Eastern Conference?

Despite the company being Allstate, I still have a tough time feeling like we as fans are in “good hands” with this decision.

I do love me some NASCAR, I do love me some College Football, but there are certain things that should remain unique traits to each sport, and the plastered brand names on anything and everything feels like one of them.

Only time will tell if this discussion stays as just a flirtatious option, or if it ends up becoming the new trend of College Football and money management.