I'm from Chicago and people from Chicago have a cultish view of their food. You can't put ketchup on your hot dog if you’re from Chicago. And if you do there's gonna be problems.

If you have a friend who visits Chicago you're going to you're going to drag him to Portillo's and stuff an Italian Beef down his gullet and force him to tell you how good it is. Same goes for deep dish pizza at Lou Malnattis. "It's the best pizza you've ever had right?"

People who aren't from Chicago might not have the same affinity for Italian beef and giardiniera and they might prefer New York style pizza over deep dish. But Chicago people will never forgive them for that.

This is how Utah fans are with Cam Rising to outside fanbases. Cam's the greatest Ute quarterback ever. I know it's debatable. I know Alex Smith is still number one to a lot of fans, but the affection Utah fans have for Rising is much higher than it was for Smith when he was in college. Ute fans love Cam's style. His old truck he drives. The Fu Manchu. Lord Helmet. He's won them two conference championships and punk'd USC twice last year.

But outsiders, who aren't in the Ute bubble, don't put him in the national elite quarterback conversation. And it's because they've seen him lose (or get hurt in) marquee national games. Florida, Ohio State, Penn State. They don't care as much about his dominance in the PAC 12 (R.I.P.). And this triggers Utah fans and they won't stand for it.

The moral is, it's okay to have your favorite foods and quarterbacks but you don't have to force everyone else to love them as much as you do.

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