Duct tape.

Here's some of the best brands.

T-Rex tape I've heard good things about.

Then there's another brand literally called "Duck Tape" which may make it seem like they're not taking their product seriously but I've been told that the adhesive strength of Duck Tape is on par with most commercial duct tape brands.

True Pepper duct tape is also really reliable. You know that if it's good for emergency applications then it's going to be good for what we're talking about.

Lockport duct tape is about as classic as it gets. You can get this in bulk on Amazon.


Gorilla duct tape is black and is a little bit of a thinner strip. I used to think that it was overrated but it actually impressed me a lot when I didn't have any Lockport last Thanksgiving.

attachment-Gorilla duct tape

3M duct tape is actually the kind my wife prefers. She used it on me for Thanksgiving in 2017. We were with her family. I'm not going to say it's as strong as Lockport, but it holds its own.

attachment-3m tape

Colored tape like Holifeos I'm not big on personally but I understand some people might like it. Especially if your wife is the one picking it our for you. I find that it's a good way to express your personality to those at the table who don't get to see you often.

attachment-Colored tape

Gray Rhino is a non-residue tape that has picked up in popularity recently. I wanna say it was about two Thanksgivings ago when they really started advertising strongly. I'd compare it to 3M honestly. 3M doesn't have as sexy marketing but it's honestly really similar.

attachment-Rhino tape

Anyway let me know in the comments if you have questions.

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