The lore surrounding the Utah Jazz and their current set of uniforms is much discussed throughout the beehive state.

Since their reveal in June of 2022, fans have tried desperately to acclimate to any jersey that isn’t purple, and have largely found themselves incapable of doing so.

Fans clashed with the color scheme, gashed the generic fonts, and negated the oversized numbers.

The rebrand seems to still be as unpopular to the majority as it was upon its arrival, despite what Ryan Smith might say.

Like seriously, you can throw data around or say this is being purchased and this isn’t, but a quick questionnaire for any group of ten Jazz fans is likely to come back with at least a 70 percent rate opposed to the new look of the team.

One of the jersey’s, the “Icon” edition, was so poorly received, that in two years’ time it appeared a grand total of 11 games, only being worn once this year before being permanently shelved.

Backlash aside, rumors of a rebrand have begun to pick up major steam as of late.

These rumors stem from Jazz Insider and KSL Sports analyst Ben Anderson, who is simply sharing “loose” rumors that he’s heard himself.

Nothing to be set in stone or cemented quite yet without any confirmation from the organization,  but per Anderson he has “heard there will be new uniforms next season.”

This quick breakdown is what fans may be able to expect, per Anderson:

This seems to be something fans can get behind if it comes to fruition.

Purple, Mountains, J-notes, no yellow you say? Say less.

That’s all Jazz fans need to hear at this point in time.

Making the Jazz jersey’s look like they belong to the Jazz with those types of aesthetics, as opposed to a community college practice jersey would go a long way.

The Jazz have always been unique to Utah, and one of the best national representations of the state we’ve had.

Naturally fans want the replica uniforms they wear, the shirts, the hats the bumper stickers to feel uniquely Utah, to be a proper representation of the team and state they love.

That has been something outside of the classic and city editions of uniforms that Utah simply hasn’t had for two seasons now.

Give us mountains, give us J-notes, give us as many touches of Utah that you possibly can, and it’ll make it a little easier to watch a team stuck in the trenches of a rebuild.

Who knows, if the rumors have backing, we may find out sooner than one may think.

We can only hope.