Utah Tech is announcing its new football coach tomorrow morning.

Here's the press release from UT Athletics Media Relations: (full article)

Utah Tech Athletics will be holding an introductory press conference this Friday morning to announce our new head football coach.

The press conference, which is open to all Trailblazer fans, the Utah Tech campus community, the media, and the public to attend, will take place in the Holland Centennial Commons Zion Room beginning at 10 a.m.

The announcement will be streamed live on Trailblazer SportsVision, the official home of Utah Tech University Athletics.


It will be interesting if they go with an assistant from a bigger program or go with a head coach from a lower level.

I've heard that there are a couple of coaches they are considering who have been apart of big programs and have worked with big name coaches.

One of the big challenges for the new coach will be retaining players. With the transfer portal officially open, programs across the country who are hiring new coaches are having to work fast to have someone in place to try and keep their best talent from leaving.

Utah Tech has several players that might be considering jumping in the portal including Syrus Webster, arguably their best player.

Beau Sparks who was a breakout star as a true freshman this year might also be jumping in the portal.

Will the new coach be able to convince players to stay? That's going to be a huge challenge. I'm excited to see who they've landed on to do the job.

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