According to some dude who thinks he's better than everybody, people like me who have bad speech etiquette consistently use "seven rude phrases." The full article is at CNBC where they interviewed Jacob Bowe who is a speech trainer. (Full Link)

Let's have a looksee at what we're dealing with here:

1. "Do you want to..."

attachment-want to

Why the heck is this bad?

Well according to our guy it's not a good way to "give orders."

So don't say: "Do you want to go clean your room?"

Instead say something like:

"Chubby, get off your dead one and go clean your room."

2. "Here's the thing..."

attachment-heres the thing

This one's a little more understandable.

It comes across like you're Sonny Corleone. Ease up a little.

3. "Right?"


This one has gotten out of control.

Here's what the doctor says:

"In recent years, it’s become normalized for this pushy rhetorical nudge to follow questions, especially in interviews with athletes and politicians. (“This is the most important stretch of the season, right?” or “We’ve never seen a circumstance like this, right?)"

4. "Well, figure out a way."

attachment-figure out

This one's hilarious. Who says this besides Michael Douglas in that movie where he's all stressed out the whole time?

5. "It is what it is."

attachment-it is what it is

This is said by every NFL coach at least 37 times per press conference.

Instead you can say something like: "I have a reservation at PF's, can we move this along?

6. "Obviously..."


I say this all the time as a prelude to saying something obvious. It seems incredibly appropriate to me.

7. "If you want my honest opinion..."


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