There are few things more important in life than protein. And it's important because according to people who know it's what got this whole shebang off the ground in the first place, (something about nucleotides?). So where you go to purchase your proteins is important because we're not talking fruit roll-ups for heaven's sake.

Here's what some Utahns said about where they get their meat:

Whole_Form9006 said:

"Costco’s meat quality is superior than most chains and often harmons for their snake river farms or their dry aged steaks. But when I have time -snider bros and when I have $$ Beltex." (Link)

What's Beltex? Sounds like a great place for a roast.

Here's what ArthursFist said:

"Disagree on Costco. Used to get the organic ground beef, but the taste and way it cooks up & smells had been off twice in a row so we swore off it. Started eating more Costco chicken breast, all of it is stringy & woody. Steaks are good. Fish is meh. Not really sure I’m going to renew, since their produce is also terrible & spoils immediately.

Get all our meat at snider bros now as well."

Snider bros, eh?

Looks pretty good.

From Lzim3p53:

"If you live in southern Utah, or Mesquite, Dixie meats in St. George."


And then EmergencyNight1150 shouted out Winco:

"Winco is pretty decent. It is starting to get a bit crowded, with inflation bringing the middle class down to where us cheap people shop, you cant really beat the prices."


Where do you get your protein?

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