Winter highway travel is hell on earth in Utah. I-15 stacks up and there's accidents and snow and people screaming.

One minor thing that could help with safety that a lot of Utahns are calling for is road reflectors.


A user on Reddit, u/Inner_Scientist said:

"Been living here for the past year after previously living in the Midwest. Back home, construction crews/DOT places small reflectors on the lines in the road. I think they are cut into the asphalt, so they are flush with the pavement.

Anyways, they help to see at night. I've noticed that when it rains, the roads basically go to crap and everyone loses their lane. It seems like such a simple fix.

Does anyone know why UDOT doesn't use these, or have the same thought that lane reflectors make night driving better?"

This is a great question. Night driving is even more dangerous and it would only make sense to implement this simple tool to help drivers out a little.

u/ES_Evergreen said:

"I've definitely wondered the same thing. I'm originally from WA and our city had the raised kind (back then it rarely snowed). My grandmother (from here) called them "drunk bumps" 😁

I do understand, though, after living here for 17+ years that many of the main roads and highways get re-graded every year or so (I think that's the right term, because they don't do a full cut out and pave, they just lay fresh asphalt down). Digging reflectors out and replacing them would be a lot of extra work."

This is a good point, especially when you consider the damage that snow plows would also cause. But is there no alternative?

What are your thoughts?

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