The days of the Utah Jazz being a competitive basketball team seem like a distant memory for fans.

There was a time where the Jazz stood at 26-26, within striking distance of a play-in game, providing fans with glimmers of hope and belief every so often.

Only a couple games removed from a six-game winning streak that put Utah at 22-20, fans had reason to believe this team could at the very worst, best their previous 37-45 record in year one of the rebuild.

At 26-26, Utah had 30 games remaining to trump that 37-win mark, only needing 12 wins at the least.

Up to this point in time, the Jazz had 8 instances of posting consecutive wins, if they could finish the year with six more of those efforts, the Jazz would be an improving ball club.

Instead, Utah traded some guys, suffered some injuries and somehow someway, became one of the worst basketball teams in the NBA.

Since 26-26 was the record, the Jazz have posted no consecutive wins, in fact they’ve only won 3 games in 19 tries.

With that sexy 3-16 record, since they last went .500, Jazz fans have been treated to thrilling wins over the Spurs, Wizards, and Hawks.

Atlanta is the only team in that group who has won more than 15 games.

A once high flying, exciting offense dropped to 113.7 PPG from 118 PPG, while the defense somehow got worse giving up 122.6 points instead of 119.5 in the 3-19 span.

In the 19 losses Utah has suffered, only six have been within a 10-point deficit.

Translation: The Jazz aren’t just losing; they’ve been losing by a lot in unentertaining ball games, making the only worthwhile aspect “seeing if a young player can have a halfway decent game.”

With 11 games remaining, it is entirely valid to wonder if the Jazz have won their last game of the year.

Now, anything can happen in the NBA, the highest level of hoops, but this Jazz team and front office seem completely non interested in pulling off an upset or providing any spoilers.

The Jazz are likely to be favored in only one game of the 11, with a home date against San Antonio.

The Spurs are 2-8 in their last ten and will give Utah the best chance to not finish the year as total losers. Even then, San Antonio Is a respectable 2-3 in their last 5 games in Salt Lake City.

Speaking of Salt Lake City, the Jazz play 6 of those last 11 in the cozy confines of the Delta Center, which is good news.

Bad news is that every team not named the Spurs, has record of .500 or better, and even more important has essential playoff positions to fight for.

Dallas is trying to make up ground from the 8th seed, Denver is trying to protect their .5 game lead on the #1 seed, and Houston is only one game out of play-in spot.

Cleveland is the only non-western conference foe and has only a one game difference between starting the playoffs at home or on the road.

Utah’s road efforts will see them with a part time residency in California.

One game in Sacramento and two games apiece with Golden State and the Clippers.

Just like their home opponents, every one of those teams has essential business in terms of advancing or protecting current seeding for the post season.

They have something to play for, Utah hasn’t looked like they’ve wanted to play since early February.

Not to mention, even if the Jazz were feeling a bit spicy, the fighting J-Notes haven’t experienced victory away from Utah since January 27th with 10 straight stinkers.

The quest to not finish the year 0-16 starts tonight VS Dallas.

After losing 147-119 in Houston, this Jazz team is likely motivated and locked in to snap the current 5 game skid…..and I’m just as motivated to watch it all unfold as I’m sure all of you are.

Good Luck and God Speed.