Have ancient mummies been found in Utah?  

A man named John Brewer said he discovered a cave in Sanpete County that he claimed contained two mummies that were of considerable size and several boxes containing records. Brewer said he discovered the cave in the 1950’s and visited it many times, but only showed a couple of people over the 60 years since. He passed away in 2007. 

I talked with Kurt Crofts who grew up in Panguitch and has researched many of the legends from that area. “There is a lot of history in Utah that is unwritten,” said Crofts. “My favorite one is the Brewer’s caves. I had a lot of interest in it with the 8- and 9-foot mummies that were supposedly found.” 

One of the fascinating things Brewer did was draw a picture of the mummies. He said they had red hair and the woman was 8-feet tall and the man 9-feet. The woman has a crown on her head that looks like a step pyramid while the man has a more rounded crown.  

attachment-Mummies (2)

Brewer wasn’t a highly educated man and it seems extraordinary to me that he would draw them this way. The woman’s crown looks to me like an ancient ziggurat, a sacred building of cultures in the middle east.  

In the cave Brewer said he found metal records in boxes. “Chests covered with tar and pine needles,” said Crofts. 

Brewer removed some of the small metal plates and pictures have been taken of them. I don’t know of anyone who has tried to translate the writing as most of the claims by Brewer have been rejected by academia. Here’s a picture of some of them. 

attachment-Plates (2)

It’s a tantalizing story and there are several websites and videos about them. Including one from John Heineman who lives in Salt Lake City and claims to have been inside the cave with Brewer.  

“The idea that there’s giant people is fascinating,” said Crofts “These stories go around all cultures and all around the world.” 

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