Just One Device Could Open You Up for a Cyber Attack 

Everything connects to the internet these days. My family’s phones, my kid’s gaming systems, and all the televisions are hooked to the internet. But that is just the beginning. My sprinkler timer uses wi-fi, as does my washer and dryer. 

Some of these devices are more secure than others and can serve as an access point by someone trying to commit a cybercrime. There is a group of engineers at BYU who have come up with a solution for this problem. 

Technology Wasn’t Built to Handle All these Devices 

According to Phil Lundrigan, the engineer heading up this project, the problem is with the wi-fi software. It only has two options, trust or do not trust. He says there needs to be something in-between.  

They have come up with a way to test how secure the device is before it is given full access to the internet. If the device doesn’t check out, it will only let information go out and not into the network. This way the low secure device can get the info it needs but not send malicious code to the network. 

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It is an ingenious solution to a hole in network security. There are other solutions but they cost a lot. This software doesn’t require any new hardware and can work with your current wi-fi set up. The other cool thing is this is coming from brilliant minds right here in Utah. 

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