Golf Digest's Ten Best Golf Courses in Utah is Great For Half of the Year

People looking for the best places to golf around the nation can check out Golf Digest where they list what they believe are the top ten courses in each state. Scrolling through their list for Utah, it seems heavily weighted to the Park City area. 

Seven golf courses are in or around Park City. I am sure these are excellent courses and deserve to be visited. However, if you are looking for a place to golf in the colder times of the year, these seven courses, including the one in Salt Lake, are not places to book unless you like snow golf.

There is a part of the state that has much milder weather for most of the year. It seems like you would want this information if you were visiting with your golf bag. 

What Are the Two Courses on the List from Southern Utah? 

At number 6 on the list is Sand Hollow Resort. They praise the layout and views, noting how the greens go along ridge lines. This is a beautiful course, especially on the back side.

Coming in at number 9 is Entrada at Snow Canyon. I think this is even more beautiful than Sand Hollow with the contrast of black rock and greens, but it can be challenging. I have skipped plenty of balls off the lava rock. They note how the greens are tucked into the lava field and meandering around lakes. 

Golf Digest Could Do a Top Ten Just for Southern Utah 

I think they could put an asterisk in the article for summer play and do some honorable mentions that feature just Southern Utah. I personally love Sky Mountain and the views are breathtaking.  

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There really aren’t any courses in Washington County that aren’t a great place to play with scenic views. With the new Black Desert Resort coming, Golf Digest may want to rethink their list. 

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