Actors Describe How a Production Comes Together 

I talked with Preston Taylor who will playing Hans in Frozen at Tuacahn this summer along with Kelsey Lee Smith who will be Anastasia on the stage. The settings for these stories are much different than you find in Southern Utah during the summer. 

 If you know anything about past Tuacahn productions you know how they use creative, mind-expanding ways to tell a story that go beyond your traditional props and painted back drops. I asked how this process works. 

“The creative teams that we get to work with are so collaborative,” said Taylor. “It’s just a bunch of artists coming together to make the best possible production. It’s kind of anything goes until it is set and ready to go to audiences.” 

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Going to one of these productions at Tuacahn you can expect the choreography to be great and the musical numbers will be exceptional as they belt the favorites from the animated movies, but what I enjoy is the special effects. Taylor said you may see some of the white stuff fall this summer. 

What would you do to make audience members feel like they are in Russia watching the daughter of the last Czar discover who she is? “These productions have not been done to this scale before,” said Smith. “It’s been a lot of exciting cool new things that we’ve been able to experience.” 

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This is the regional premiere for Frozen as it will be the first time it has been shown outside of Broadway and the the touring production. It is also the first time Anastasia has been brought to Utah. It will be a lot of fun this season at Tuacahn. 

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