Top Alternative Romantic Destinations 

The site Honeymoon Always did a survey of 3,000 couples from around the United States and asked them what romantic destinations they would visit that aren’t as well known. The top five locations were in the Carolinas, Hawaii and California as expected. After that, it gets interesting.  

Four Utah cities made the list. The highest was number 29 Escalante, Utah. Maybe I have overlooked some of the charm of this eastern town.

I can see Park City is at number 39 with all those ski resorts and its Hollywood connection. Springdale was also on the list at number 118 and with Zion National Park right there, this could be a romantic place to visit.

However, beating out both these locations at number 33 was Cedar City. This is a great place with lots to offer for the outdoors, but I hadn’t put romance on the list. 

What is Romantic in Cedar City? 

Thinking it over, I guess there is plenty of loving feelings to be had in Iron County. Cedar Breaks is beautiful, there are world quality plays to attend at the Shakespeare Festival. Plus, there are plenty of hiking and biking trails in all sorts of terrain. I guess it’s not too hard to find romance. 

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I guess the only question is how Escalante took the top place for Utah. Recently, the Sundance Festival announced they were looking for a new location. Maybe they should see what is going on the eastern part of the state that the rest of us have overlooked. 

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