With 2024 only a few days in, many Utahns are posting resolutions and their “ins and outs” for the year.  

If you don’t know what I am talking about, it refers to things that are good for an individual or hopes for the year as “ins” and things they don’t want or won’t be doing for “outs”. One thing that has been commonality has been the whole superficial or hook-up dating. This in large, can be attributed to the ease of dating apps.  

So, for 2024, dating apps are out. Utah has just made it a law to have all dating apps disclose that they do not conduct background checks. There are also warnings about online dating safety that the apps now have to have.  

Not really the romantic feel one is looking for... 

So, why have dating apps fallen so low?  

Well, according to HuffPost, there are five major reasons why dating apps are the worst.  

Time Consuming 

If you’re like me, dating apps have the feeling of a job or just a time-consuming drain. The swiping and the looking for a potential match make one feel like looking for an actual partner is hopeless. If you’re a romantic, online dating is hell because of the disappointment and the people simply looking to hook up. Basically, the swiping is endless.  


When you match with someone, it feels like maybe you can at least have someone to talk to. However, there always tends to be this pattern of talking quite a bit...and then nothing. It sucks and it feels like a rejection and it's much more painful than just being rejected at the bar. You get this slight hope and then you get ghosted. So, don’t get too invested in an online chat, it doesn’t usually pan out.  

Not My Type 

Another issue on dating apps, in Utah or anywhere, is matching with someone who doesn’t share your desires. Maybe you are looking to find love, but your profile gives off a casual dating vibe. Take a close look at your profile and make sure you are accurately portraying who you are and what you are looking for.  

The Interview 

Once you have made it from online chatting to an in-person date, the problems tend to continue. It always feels like an interview and the disappointment continues. However, it's a good idea to go on two or three dates before you completely rule someone out.  

Not Enough 

If you partake in online dating, then you know that it can feel...awful. If you don’t fit the societal standard of beauty, you may feel like it’s a losing game. Also, if you lack selfie-taking skills but look way better in person, don’t worry too much. Try getting off the apps and join local groups to meet more people if you can.  

So, good luck to all those who are doing online dating. Dating apps are out in 2024, in Utah, and everywhere.  

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