Utah is very possibly going to be the next location for either the 2030 or 2034 Winter Olympics! 

This isn’t really “news”, and no decision has been made yet however, there could be an answer sometime next year. Though Southern Utahns probably don’t associate Winter with Utah, it's up there with Colorado in the western states as a “snowy place”.  

Utah is also no stranger to Olympic competitors in past years. I’m sure the upcoming Winter Olympics will also have Utahns representing not only the nation but the state.  

The state has hosted 175 international winter sports events, the Utah Office of Tourism said.  

So, with all that in mind hosting the future games in Salt Lake City feels like a no duh. Utah figure skaters and skiers are on a whole other level, and it shows. But it's not just the athletes that crave this honor, it's also the residents.  

Since the last Winter Olympic Games in 2002, residents have been bragging and hoping for another chance to host. Personally, I’m a Winter Olympics girl and this would be THE BEST NEWS EVER.  

Earlier this summer Fox 13 reported that the Salt Lake City-Utah Committee is planning bigger and more creatively this time. For those worried about what kind of strain that will have on infrastructure and taxes, the committee said that it won’t have any impact.  

The committee is working toward finalizing the submission to send to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. That discussion is supposed to happen this fall.  

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