On Last Season

“We had a couple close games and just couldn’t finish…but once we beat Stephen F. Austin it was like the floodgates opened. We had a ton of confidence, we knew we could hang, our quarterback play was fantastic…ton of momentum coming into next year.”

On quarterback Vic Gabalis

“Wasn’t he fun to watch? Vic is a redshirt Freshman! He went through the ringer this season with some tough situations, that first game against Sac State throwing some early interceptions, his confidence was down a little bit…but when he had a full week of practice before SFA, he was ready to go, and it was super fun to watch and I’m proud of him the way he lead our team.”

On the early signing class

“I didn’t anticipate having this big of an early signing class, maybe four or five guys, but shoot we’re right at 11 or 12 right now so that’s fantastic.”

“I think we’re getting some steals. It seems like this later signing period in February you get some of these other schools sneaking in and stealing some guys so when you get these guys committed you want to make sure you get them signed early.”

Full list of signees HERE

On the transfer portal

“I’m not gonna complain. I’m gonna be optimistic. Some of our guys hopped on the portal. As a coach it can be super frustrating, you know, a couple guys we’ve developed and got them out of nowhere with no offers and we believed in them and all of a sudden they have some success and they hop on [the portal]. I’m just going to tip my hat to my staff  and what we’re trying to build. We’re building dudes and I think it’s a compliment. If some of these FBS schools are trying to come in and poach that means we’re on the right dudes and they missed them and we developed them and now they got that chance…it’s not the kid’s fault it’s the the system the NCAA has allowed to happen." 

Listen to the full interview for more about Utah Tech's potential jump to the FBS, next season's schedule, and more on this year's signing class...

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