Do you let your kids beat you in games?

Horse, Settlers of Cataan, Madden? Do you let your kid win?

Some dads do, others say no, they've gotta earn it. Do you let your younger brother win? Probably not...

There's several devastating ways to lose a game. One is a buzzer beater, another is you miss a field goal, third is what happened to TCU. You lose by 100 with half the world watching you on the biggest stage.

But maybe the worst is the "who's-your-daddy-loss" That's when you're playing your dad or your older brother and you making every putt, or you just got a pick six in Madden, or you're making every three in basketball in the backyard, you're playing great, they're not. This is your night. You're going to win. It will mean so much more to you than them. But then.."who's-your- daddy" happens and they just take the game from you.

That's what happened last night in the Marriott center. BYU was hitting shots, they had and eight point lead, they had the R.O.C. in full force, Gideon George hits a dagger late in the game. They had the ball up four thinking "wow! this Gonzaga team isn't even that great! This is our night, start storming the floor!" And then..."Who's your daddy?" happened. Gonzaga takes the ball from them makes a three, BYU then misses a free throw, and Gonzaga hits another three.

BYU's last possession was a nightmare, and even though BYU outplayed Gonzaga all night, Gonzaga stole the game from them because they are daddy.

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