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On beating USU

“As an FCS school you love the opportunity to play an FBS school, especially when it’s an in-state ‘rival’ (putting up air quotes) Being a kid growing up in Utah, I was recruited by all the schools in-state, and then having the opportunity to play a school that recruited you is just awesome. There’s a lot of opportunity to kindof showcase what you thought they missed out on…

On playing for Coach Jay Hill

“Had a great time playing under Coach Hill. He really helped me progress in all aspects, you know, in life, being a man, being a husband, but then obviously on the football field as well. He has so much knowledge of the game and him being more of a defensive minded coach was big for me because we’d go and watch film in the mornings and having him explain it to me from a defensive perspective was big. 

Is Coach Hill a players' coach or a more authoritarian type?

“I think he had a little bit of both. He was able to connect with us players but then also he expected a lot of you and you do what’s expected. He was a great blend of both.

On entering the transfer portal

“I had a great time at Weber State. Started there for three years. I know a lot of people are like ‘why is he leaving? He’s been a starter’ I just felt it was the best thing for me and the best thing for my future…"

"It’s a tough decision because you could hop in the portal and you don’t know what’s gonna happen, you know, it’s the Wild West. But fortunately I was able to do decent at Weber State and I’ve had several schools reach out and I’ve been given several opportunities to play at the FBS level so right now it’s just determining where I am going to end up…”

Barron is expected to make his decision today…

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