Every six months my wife gets on the phone. And she calls Geico and says hey we're dropping you and we're going with progressive, they're dropping their rates to get us over there, and then in then six months later she calls progressive and we flip back to Geico. Same goes for Verizon and AT&T, switching from DirectTV to Youtube TV. Heck, I went to a new dentist today. Why? Because my old dentist was constantly fishing for up-charges.  "Do you want to cosmetic whatever?" or "Well it's not a cavity yet, but it could be, want us to take care of it for an up-charge?" No! I'm out. My new dentist doesn't say a word to me and I love it.

This week, a thousand kids went into the transfer portal in college football, and all I'm saying to the free market capitalists who love Amazon and love eating a Popeye’s one day and Chick Fil-A the next, and who loved it when Cam Rising left Texas to go to Utah or loved when Puka Nakua left Washington to play at BYU or when Logan Bonner left Arkansas State to go to Utah State...you can't say the transfer portal is ruining college football now, because you weren't saying it when those guys showed up to your program.  And when we have the opportunity to transfer from Progressive to Geico for a better deal we're taking that every time! We either believe in the fairness of the free market or we don't. We can't have it both ways.

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