BYU announced their new NIL collective "Royal Blue" finally, right?? - Krace Musgrave

This is manna from heaven for BYU fans. There had been piecemeal NIL deals for BYU players but this is official. The guy behind it, Lon Henderson, seems like a big deal and the group they've partnered with is also impressive.

Right now, to compete for top talent in the Power 5 conferences you have to spend six figures for 4-star players out of high school.

Per ON3 The University of Utah has several current players making six figures.

Cam Rising - $535K

Dalton Kincaid - $433K

Clark Phillips III - $302K

And that's just the top three guys. BYU's best player, Puka Nacua, is listed on the same site as making $14.5K. So for BYU to finally get a deal made with a collective that will align all of their NIL efforts and allow a rapid fanbase to contribute directly to the pot is awesome news.

I do have a concern about perception. It's going to be weird to have an 18-year-old at BYU driving to campus in a range rover and making $500K. The fact that the money comes from outside the university isn't going to matter to on-looking members of the Church who owns the university. Schools like BYU and Stanford and Notre Dame are in a different bucket than others when it comes to NIL.

Where's Joey Hobert going? - Morgan Reese

No idea. Should be BYU or Utah or Utah State and I have to assume they all tried. The fact that he hasn't announced yet is probably because he has a lot of good offers. Could it be coming down to NIL negotiations? Maybe.

Who on UTU's early signing class can contribute year one? - Nate Armstrong

Nygel Osborne. He's the 3-star running back they got from Millikan HS in California.

He had offers from Kansas State, Colorado, Kansas, and Arizona State and chose UTU. I think part of it is because he can play right away. With Quali Conley transferring, the Trailblazers need a playmaker to step up. Fenton Jeter (So), Bretton Stone (So), and Thomas Kinslow (Sr), will be competing for the top spot but none of them had more than 13 carries last year. Conley got everything. So Osborne should be able to vie for starting role right away.

What's up with PAC 12 getting worked by the WAC and WCC? -Anonymous

The PAC 12 has had a tough stretch. Utah getting smacked by a WCC team in BYU. UVU smoked Oregon in Eugene and the embarrassment last night with San Fran going full Bill Russell on the Sun Devils.

If Utah thinks they're going to get into the NCAA tournament as the 5th or 6th best team in the PAC 12, they may have another thing coming. 

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